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The Rope Box

The Rope Box

The Rope Box is the PERFECT introduction to rope bondage. 

Mistress Mary has been on a mission to help educate people in the BDSM and kink communities. Preaching ethics in all of her videos, she wanted to create an opportunity for people to start practicing safely and effectively. 

With this box, you will have all the tools needed to start creating memorable scenes with rope bondage! Learn how to do TWO ties and the classic "Handy Cuff!" You will also learn how to rig two harnesses, how to amplify your scene, and Mistress Mary's tips on taking these skills to the next level. 

What's included?
1 - 30' nylon rope
2 - 15' nylon rope
1 - Safety shear
2 - Scene amplifiers
1 - Introduction guide
1 - Thank you gift from Mistress Mary

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