Knowledge is power, and you are POWERFUL

At The Loyal House, we put education first as an approach to BDSM and kink. We are giving you the tools to help you experience play beyond your wildest dreams.


The submissive Collection

you are a submissive person. You know a submissive person. 

The Latex Collection

Dreaming of latex? Shop The Latex Collection and slide into something tight. 

  • The Rope Box

    Tied up? You will be with The Loyal House Rope Box.
    Beginner riggers and bottoms will find everything they need in this starter box including rope, saftey shears, and more!

  • The Dominant Collection

    Get your favorite D-type something you know they will enjoy. They'll thank you later.

  • The Accessory Collection

    Just a couple little things you can use before, during or after your scenes.