The Loyal House Story

Welcome to The Loyal House!

A female and minority owned small business.

Founder Mistress Mary: 

Mistress Mary is a Femdom in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, BDSM community. She has continuously dedicated her free time to learning, exploring, and perfecting all things kinky! Knowledge is power, and she is powerful. Trust in her to push your limits, learn new kinks and fetishes, and experience a new level of passion. 

She has found so much joy in sharing her knowledge with others via social media in hilarious videos and series. Now, she wants to help everyone at home experience this joy for themselves. Which leads to the creation of The Loyal House.

At The Loyal House, each purchase will help lower barriers to entry to the community, particularly for people of color, women, transgender and non-binary people and others who have traditionally been underrepresented in this space. 

With an education based approach to BDSM and kink ecommerce, The Loyal House has created The Box Collection. Each box will hold the essentials for different types of play. You won’t have to worry about sourcing each individual item while hoping the quality is good. Instead, trust that we have done the work for you. Each box will also include an instruction manual with safety tips, visual guides, and ideas on how to push your limits!

Creating more Boxes for people to explore additional kinks and curiosities will remain a top priority in the coming months. Keep an eye out for The Wax Box and The Paddle Box!

Our next big goal is to provide a wider range of products and toys to meet a variety of needs and desires for the BDSM and kink communities.

Mission Statement:

Helping you discover your full potential by indulging in your curiosities.